Viale A. Diaz, 83 - VICOPISANO


Massimo: +39 3356857855

Jonathon: +39 3497466898


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Massimo and Jon live in  Tuscany taking guests and friends to see the well known sights and also to the lesser known ones.

They can show you cities, towns and villages that most visitors don’t ever get to see.

Want new experiences? Such as:

  • horse riding over the hills or taking a scooter and or exploring some of the hill top villages
  • visiting vineyards
  • developing your own tour/tours with Massimo and Jon
  • unknown galleries with extraordinary art works
  • hill top picnics
  • walks through the forests to bubbling springs 

New Zealanders ask Debbie:

Australians ask Lisa:


Pisa and It's Famous Square of Miracles

A morning or afternoon tour of one of the seven wonders of the world. Leave Vicopisano and in 20 minutes see the magnificent Square of Miracles. (It is the Cathedral Square of Pisa but was given the nickname by a famous poet who was shocked by it's beauty)


Walking Tour of Pisa

Walk through 3000 years along the streets of Pisa. The city that wanted “the square of Miracles”, was the most powerful trading city of the Mediterranean (when we think of China today … Pisa then was the China of today in power and trade strength in the Global sense)



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